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F1000 WA's Fastest Racing Category

F1000 is WA’s fastest racing category using specifically built open wheeled chassis with 1000cc motorbike engines. They are extremely light, coming in at a class weight of 485kg including the driver and producing 190hp. They have advanced wings which help them provide a lot of aerodynamic down force as well as running a soft compound slick racing tyre. Currently they are only just over 1 second behind the outright lap record at Barbagallo race way.

Formula 1000 Motorsport Experiences

Arise racing now provides the opportunity for you to jump behind the wheel of a Formula 1000 race car as part of our Motor sport experiences.

Our Formula 1000 cars have advanced aerodynamics and very soft compound racing tyres that give them grip levels that are not remotely possible in a road vehicle. Couple that with a car weight of 420kg and a 1000cc engine producing 200 horse power, that is rapidly put to the ground through a 6-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift operation, and this gives you an opportunity to feel speed and G forces that are heading towards the realms of Formula 1.

Getting strapped into an open wheel race car cockpit for the very first time is a very exciting experience that not many people get to appreciate. It is close quarters and very snug, both of which you will greatly appreciate once out on track and in control of such a fast race car.

Arise racing will provide all the equipment required and our professional coaching staff will guide you through all aspects of the exhilarating session including advanced driver training and techniques, data analysis, video footage and racing techniques. We do recommend at least prior experience in our Radical driver training sessions for you to get the most out of your Formula 1000 experience. The sessions are either a 40 lap, 60 lap or 80 lap session with the 40 laps being the introductory session to take in all that the Formula 1000 has to offer.

Previous motor sport experience is highly recommended, and the driver must obtain a minimum of a level 2 CAMS licence to undertake the sessions. Arise Racing can then take you on your journey to racing, if you choose to take it further, including undertaking your Observed Licence Test to upgrade your level 2 licence to a full CAMS racing licence.


Season Lease info package

Arise racing is WA’s premier racing team providing advanced motorsport coaching and racing programs.

Our F1000 arrive and drive program is one of these. It provides you with a specific coaching and training program in your very own F1000 car, that you lease for the season. The car is set up for you specifically in terms of custom seat insert and fine-tuned driving position. You remain in this car for the entire season, giving you the best possible outcome in learning the aspects of your chassis. The Arise team can take you through the different set up options in your training sessions to adjust the set up and handling of your car, for your needs, which also provides you with the development and understanding of chassis handling and vehicle dynamics.

The WA F1000 State championship runs over 7 events for the season between March and November. You can take part in as many practice sessions as you choose. We set the sessions to specific programs and run either a short session (approx. 40 laps) or a long session (approx. 80 laps), depending on your preference. We normally work on a minimum of 10 test sessions for the year.

Our in-house coaches are on hand for each one of your training sessions and will work with you one-on-one to guide you on your journey of development for the year. On race day we also have our coaches available to help you through each of the specifics of the event as well as every race and racing situations as they happen. We will often place a coach into an F1000 seat to provide data and a reference for the day. All data in the team is open and shared freely as we focus the development of every driver racing with us.

Having our world class workshop facility and driver’s lounge also provides a great environment for your friends and family to come along and be involved with your racing and the excitement of race day.

Enquire now about our season lease arrangement and running costs for the year.

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