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Go! It’s not the journey. It’s who’s along for the ride!

The Arise Racing team had the privilege of being along for the ride in the making and behind the scenes of Australian movie, Go!

A teen-focused story, set in the world of go kart racing allowed our team to provide motorsport consulting, stunt driving, and a lot of behind the scenes involvement. Our facility also undertook a transformation from a race team by day to a film set by night. The Arise Racing team is cast as the ultra-competitive champion team who like to win at all costs.

Our friends at Flatout Karts also assisted in the making of the movie by building and providing karts supplied by DPE Kart Technology. Sibling stunt driver team Tayla and Sam Dicker were heavily involved in the racing scenes, and dad Greg Dicker put in many man hours building and transporting the karts to all the film locations.

The movie follows Jack, a teenage boy who moves with his mother to a small town in WA. When he’s invited to a birthday party at the local go kart track, he discovers a taste for speed.

His natural talent is noticed by Patrick, the owner of the track and a former racer. But Patrick has to teach Jack to control his recklessness if the teen has any chance of winning the national championships, and defeating arrogant rival Dean (Arise Racing Team).

The family friendly Go! movie is very much drawing from the vibe of The Karate Kid, with its mentee-mentor core relationship and a villainous adversary.

Director Owen Trevor shot on location in southwest of Western Australia, from a script by Steve Worland. It features stunning images of our beautiful coast and iconic destinations.

Go! is in cinemas on January 16, 2020.

To follow in the footsteps of Jack, contact our friends at Flatout Karts or email our team

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