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Round 3 Race Report Jul 04, 2019

Round 3 of the WA F1000 championship was held on the 23rd of June. Perth had seen some unusual rain and storms in the lead up to the June race, which provided testing miles in the rain.

Race day weather was looking to be quite unpredictable and with the new surface being more prone to holding onto surface water the outlook was for a fair bit of wet running.

With a few absentees from this round, with prior commitments, we managed to secure Arise Racing Driver Coaches to jump into two radicals for the event.

With some heavy overnight rain the track was wet for qualifying. The Radicals were expected to feature strongly as they have a great balance of grip in the wet, making them forgiving and very fast in wet conditions. As expected Sam Dicker, who returned after a year away from his F1000 season, put the Radical on pole for the first time in the F1000 series history. Arise Racing head coach BD Soutar-Dawson split the two Radicals in P2 with Michael Epple putting the second Radical just in front of Jordan Oon in 4th. Stuart Kostera was right behind Jordan, with Adam Lisle in the mix and just in front of Madeline Stewart on her first ever wet qualifying. Stuart Burns led home Ashleigh Stewart, who was just in front of Mike Folwell.

Race one saw the sun come out and the track start to dry. Although it was just suitable to fit dry tyres, the track still had quite a few wet areas and meant the drivers would have to really drive by the seat of their pants in such tricky conditions. The start saw a turn 1 mishap between Michael Epple and Mike Folwell with some minor contact stopping them from continuing on. On the restart BD jumped straight down to business and set some blistering times in the low 54 second bracket in the half wet conditions. He led Jordan across the line with a few seconds gap. Sam had a strong showing in the Radical finishing P3 but having to fight hard to hold of a fast finishing Stuart Kostera. Stuart Burns managed to hold off Adam Lisle who was also fighting with Madeline, and Ashleigh came home in 8th in the remaining Radical.

Race two saw the rain come down yet again. All cars were set for wet weather racing and it was looking to be an exciting battle between the super experienced duo of BD and Jordan with the threat of a very fast Sam in the Radical. It was an intense start with Jordan, BD and Sam dicing hard in the treacherous conditions. Stuart Kostera and Adam were also locked in a battle while trying to hold off the charging Michael Epple in his Radical. Stuart Burns, Madeline, Ashleigh and Mike Folwell were all jostling for position. Unfortunately at half race distance Madeline’s car had a mechanical failure which caused a red flag so the marshals could get across the track to retrieve the car from where it came to a stop. This saw the race called short and cut off the last few laps which were shaping up to be a really solid battle down the field.

Race 3 was your typical wet weather meeting trump card… It was just classed as a dry track, yet some dark clouds were rolling in. It’s the point in time were everyone suddenly becomes a meteorologist and it almost comes down to the flip of a coin. Half of the drivers elected to go with dry tyres to suit the track conditions as they were and half the drivers chose to go with wet tyres and hope that the looming clouds would pour rain in their favour. As the cars rolled out of the facility it looked like the dry tyre option was the right call. As the race started all the drivers got underway well and then by turn 3 the prayers of the gambling half had been answered and the heavens opened up. It was Sam, Michael and Adam that started to make their way through on their wet tyres. Setting off into the raining distance from the cars of Jordan, Madeleine and Ashleigh who were left to coax their cars in the very wet conditions on their slick tyres. All drivers did an amazing job in such tough conditions and managed to race hard but keep their cars on the track. Sam took the win from Michael, Adam finished a strong 3rd from Jordan who managed to just fend off Mike Folwell on his wet tyres. Madeline and Stuart burns diced with each other while staying on track, followed home by Ashleigh in the Radical, being very careful to bring it home on Slick tyres.

The weather can often put people off racing but it is truly an all-weather sport. With great set ups and really good wet weather tyres the racing can sometimes be even more exciting as drivers have to brave the unknown conditions and drive by feel to stay in control. It brings the challenge and excitement raise to a completely new level.

With only a quick turn around before the July meeting on the 13th the team are busy preparing for the next race. We look forward to seeing our supporters at the raceway and please ensure you visit the facility to view the vehicles up close and to talk to the team.

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