About Us

About Us

Arise Racing is one of Australia’s leading motorsport service providers. It has been designed to deliver the highest quality Cars, Coaching and Special Events, to cater to anyone from the Track Day Enthusiast to the Professional Racing Driver.

We focus on three distinct categories:

Racing – Competing both locally and nationally our high performance Race Team has the depth to provide for any driver, from the young talented racers cutting their teeth, right up to the ranks of Professionals… to learn, grow, and win.

Driver Development – Arise uses a customised, structured and comprehensive approach with any Driver that is taking part in our Driver Development Programs. All sessions are designed with an end goal in mind. Whether that be maximising lap times in a high performance road car, competing at the highest national level at tracks such as Mt. Panorama and even those developing skills and techniques for their international competitions. We utilise expert in-car and external coaching in our Radical SR3’s, as well as further circuit and technique preparation in our on-site 4 degrees of motion simulator to focus on building solid foundations.

Special Events – From the local Performance Track Day, to Corporate Events, Track Management and even giving you the opportunity to drive on some of Australia’s most famous circuits, Arise has the capability to facilitate any motorsport event that can be imagined. Bring your own car or use ours, the choice is up to you.

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