The Arise Racing Simulator is an in house, high end, full motion simulator with 4 degrees of freedom, designed to complement our on-track sessions. This gives our coaches the extra tools required to enhance your development in many different ways.

The simulator is custom built to our specific requirements, and allows us to take you to your next track day or race event in the exact vehicle you will be piloting. Being able to work on specific driving aspects in short but concentrated time frames, and the ability to reset and repeat sessions give you the most time and cost effective option in motorsport.

Driver Development

With access to our in-house simulator, our Driver Development clients will have the ability to add in extra sessions to focus on very specific driving techniques, as well as utilise it for track familiarity, car familiarity and extra seat time at the fraction of on-track running costs.

Many race events are simply impossible to physically train for, whether that be certain circuits (especially street circuits), cars, or international events. Arise Racing Development Drivers have been conducting a range of programs already, and have seen great success after participating consistently in simulator programs. Notably, Aaron Love committed to a solid training program prior to his Porsche Carrera Cup debut at the Adelaide street circuit. The young 17 year old impressed by qualifying 3rd, and going on to string together solid top 5 results throughout the event, finally placing 3rd outright for the round.

Arise Racing Simulator