Junior Driving Program

Junior Program

After the success of our inaugural program, Arise Racing are pleased to announce the launch of our 2023 Junior Driver Program.

Our team have been heavily involved in fostering, developing, and mentoring the careers of several junior racers, providing feedback, assessment, and training to help develop their skills.

The successful Driver selected to represent Arise Racing will receive a first place prize of a sponsorship contract valid for the 2023 WA FSR Championship, subsidising 30% or equivalent value of typical season costs*.

Second place will receive a 100% subsidy on a 60 Lap driver development program, and third place will receive a 50% subsidy on a 60 Lap driver development program.

Apply Now

Applicants must submit an official sponsorship proposal to Arise Racing via our email: info@ariseracing.com.au. The top three proposals selected must complete 60 laps of Driver Development (not strictly required in one session) which covers criteria over 9 different categories. Arise Racing and the Instructors will then assess and decide on the finishing order and award the prizes accordingly.


Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years old by February 20th 2023, and a maximum of 30 years old in the year of 2023.

Sponsorship proposals must be submitted by October 1, 2022.

Sponsorship program winner will be announced by December 19, 2022.

The 60 lap driver assessment is not subsidized in any way by Arise Racing.

Applicants must only submit a sponsorship proposal if financially capable of honouring the first prize commitment completely.

Major prize winner must complete the full season of the nominated prize program.

*Typical season costs comprise of one test per race event.

Junior Program Terms and Conditions