Corporate Days

Corporate Days

Arise Racing’s state-of-the-art facility at Wanneroo Raceway, allow us to create an unparalleled corporate motorsport experience for your clients and staff. Whether you are seeking a memorable event, or wanting to entertain your clients with a unique experience, Arise Racing can design the perfect event for your needs.


All work and no play?! Don’t miss an opportunity to set your next event apart with one of the most exhilarating and unforgettable experiences available in Western Australia – this invitation is one your most important business associates will want to accept.


An Arise Racing B2B event is the perfect way to get in front of your current and prospective customers, as well as build business relationships in a unique and fun setting. Let us break the ice, and bring together the decision-makers who all definitely deserve to take a little time away from work to have fun once in a while.

Sponsor Events

Recognizing the support of your sponsors and their contribution and involvement to your big dream, project or event is not an obligation… it’s an opportunity when done the right way.

If words fall short when expressing your gratitude, our Sponsor Events are a fantastic opportunity to thank your team for their continued support and strengthen future endorsements. Showcase their brand with custom signage on one of our race cars, or pilot a Radical in a Passenger Experience day to directly let them experience the talent that they are supporting!