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Race Development

The Radical SR3 platform has been proven as the world's most successful prototype racer. Adopted globally, it forms the base of all Radical Cup Championships providing an incredibly fast, easy to learn, and affordable pathway into motorsports. The Arise Racing fleet currently consists of all three generations of the Radical SR3, with build dates ranging between 2013 all the way up to new 2023 demonstrator models.

Our Race Development programs are specifically tailored to each client and their needs. The coaching style is organic, and we set clear goals to work toward in an initial consultation. This could be starting your motorsport journey and working towards a goal of your first race, right up to racing in a state series, national series, or even internationally. (Did you know an Arise Racing Development driver held the LMP3 lap record at Le Mans?)

Technical Data
0-60 3.1 sec Top Speed 240 kph Power 226 bhp

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